Monday, September 26, 2011

Paris, France (day 1 cont.) - Travel

Paris' Sacred Heart


After lunch and a shower, my uncle gave us a quick tour of Paris. Our first stop: the Sacré-Cœur Basilica on Montmartre; the dome-shaped church on top of Paris' highest hill. Walking into the gates, we were caught off guard by men trying to tie "friendship" bracelets around our wrists. We read about the many, MANY scams tourists fall for - but I was actually kind of excited to have it happen to me. I politely brushed him off and watched in amusement as they worked their magic on other tourists.

Montmartre is a busy tourist attraction, but also a popular hang out spot for the locals. People lounge around the steps and street performers entertain the crowd. It's quite a flight of stairs to reach the top, but when you're there, you are taken away by the view. You get an amazing panoramic picture of Paris that stretches for miles. I came during mid-afternoon, but I hear it's beautiful right before sunset and during the night when the city lights up.



  1. wow!!! wonderful pictures!! looks like you had a great time in paris!!! love it <33

  2. the first picture is my favourite! i need to return to paris!

  3. Ah, this really makes me miss living in Paris! I encountered a scam artist too while I was at the bottom of the steps, trailing behind my friends because I was taking photos. The man was holding a piece of string and grabbed my arm, but I just yanked my arm away and kept walking. I didn't even realize he was a scam artist until my friends told me they saw one of the men trapping a little boy in the same scam and extorting money from the father.

  4. this was from your Europe trip awhile ago right??
    anyways...beautiful photos as always!! I want to go there...such gorgeous view!


  5. awesome place... i wish i can visit that place someday!

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