Sunday, September 11, 2011

Burney Falls - Travel

Burney Falls was only a 10 minute walk away from our cabin, but to see the bottom and top of the falls required a short hike. We followed a 3 mile trail that looped around the falls, and then back from the start. The hike is pretty easy with some incline and plenty of shade. September might just be the perfect month to come; the days are hot (but not scorching) and the nights are cool (but not freezing) - plus, there aren't too many people because everyone's back in school. It's an amazing site, and worth coming any time of the year though. I visited the falls 5 times (before sunrise, early afternoon, and at sunset)! The view changes depending on the time of day you come. The picture above was taken before sunrise (long exposure) and the picture below was taken early afternoon.



  1. First and last are my favorite! These are so beautiful. Take me here someday! (:

  2. my favourite time to travel is when shools are back in. ;)
    that last one makes me want to be there right now.

  3. um...I didn't know water could look like that. it's so beautiful in this setting with the waterfalls! and SUCH a plus that it was only a 10min walk!! amazing Michelle!