Monday, June 27, 2011

Graduation Party | Personal

A big thank you to everyone who came out for my graduation party! And a really big thank you to my parents for setting it all up :) Last Sunday, we packed our little home with 50+ friends and family to celebrate my graduation. The food was and is always the best part. My relatives feed your face like it's a buffet. Even if you're not hungry, they'll fix you a huge plate of food. It was also the first time some of my friends tried Cambodian food (which isn't too different from other Southeast Asian dishes). There was a roasted pig, fresh spring rolls and eggrolls, num pa'chok (a kind of Cambodian noodle soup), cabbage pickles, rice (and more food I can't remember)...I could have died eating.

I have a huge family so our family get togethers are really special to me. I can't even believe how much everyone has grown up. I still remember my younger cousins running around when they were 5 - and now they're 12! and as tall as me! A lot has changed over the years: graduations, engagements, these events are always the perfect time to catch up. I love my family :) and I only hope we stay as close as we are now.


  1. I love the last photo of you and your parents the best! Congratulations Michelle! With love, Suzanne

  2. Michelle...everything looked so niiiice :) I feel like I was there by looking through the photos. glad so many people could come out to celebrate such a momentous occasion!

  3. Wow, congrats Michelle :) I'm sure you were told that enough times during the party! On to better things!