Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Graduation Day | Personal

I GRADUATED! It went by so fast! It didn't even phase me until I was standing in line and my name was called out. I was on that stage for 5 seconds and off faster than I could realize what was happening. But even in those 5 seconds, it was my time, and it was amazing :)

Professor Lawrence Rowe from UC Berkeley gave a great speech at Ryan's graduation. Two things he mentioned really stuck to me:

"Failure is not a disaster" and "The journey is the reward"

I've always feared failure. It's prevented me from trying new things. But everything happens for a reason. My failure will lead me somewhere: to learning something new, improving at a skill, or leading me in another direction. I have to understand that it's all part of the journey. I'm a proud UCI graduate, but it was the 4 years there that really meant the most: the skills and lessons I learned, the new places I explored, and the people I met. There will be no other time like college.

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  1. Oh hey! You're from UCI! :] I go to UCLA!
    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a great accomplishment! xx