Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Orange County Fair | Personal

Ahhh the fair :) I had an amazing time this year with some new friends. I actually rode more than 1 ride this time - although, I couldn't do the spinning, flipping ones. I'm getting old -__- But the rest of the group went on some ridiiiiculous rides (look up Speed). And in-between rides, we ate...and ate...and ate - deep fried snickers, deep fried zucchinis, french fries, chocolate dipped bacon, buttered corn, sugar-filled lemonade. BEST FAIR DAY EVER!


  1. looks like you had such a fun day, and gorgeous pictures! :) i love the blues in the sky

  2. Looks like you enjoyed the fair to the fullest!! so glad you got to eat so many different things..and ride more than 1 ride!!
    love the photos :)